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About Us

Purple Monkey is the brain child of nationally syndicated talk-show host, best selling author, top 100 business trainer; Josh Tolley.

Josh has been leading and training businesses for over ten years. Tens of thousands of people have benefited from his insight and the students of his courses have made millions of dollars. More importantly though, their lives have changed for the better. Improved marriages, more free time, family improvements are just some of the additional benefits that are common.

Purple Monkey University is the a branch off of Purple Monkey Garage, Josh's consultancy practice, and it the response to people around the world who have been asking for Josh to put some of his training on-line.

The name Purple Monkey actually has significant meaning. Those who have attended Josh's live class will understand the story behind the name and how it has literally been a life saver.



**Purple Monkey University is obviously not an actual university (thankfully). While official universities are accredited as schools of higher education, Purple Monkey University is instead the home of practical education that has been proven to work for us and others who have used our information in their lives and businesses. While nodoby (including actual accredited universities)can guarantee the teachings will work for you, we do hope that they will be a source of information that assists you in your pursuits.


For any questions or concerns, email or call us here:

[email protected]
(314) 896-0440